Feedback on our photography courses, photography workshops and photography tours and weekends. Our satisfied customers share their experiences learning photography.

I really wanted to thank you for an excellent weekend. Everything about the workshop was amazing and my only disappointment was getting back to reality on Sunday night. Lake Crackenback is the perfect location and it really helped promote that sense of being on a retreat, which was quite a luxury. And what a great group we had too!

For me, the composition theory in particular was incredibly eye-opening. I’ve tried to learn from practice and books or online, but there’s nothing like having a creative professional talk through the theory, then having the opportunity to try it out straight away, followed by some really supportive critique. I can’t wait to practice some more.

So thanks again. Your workshop was the best I’ve ever attended and I’m still feeling the glow.
— Andrew Gow
The landscape photography weekend was a great success. Ben’s knowledge of Photography was excellent and he conveyed his knowledge in an interesting and helpful manner.

The outdoor photoshoots were a great learning experience and Ben was always available for advice and guidance. I would strongly recommend this course to all aspiring photographers.
— Bob Smith
We had such a lovely weekend at the Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa. The Photographic Weekend was exceptional. Well organised, well presented with great content and great use of time.

Ben was a fabulous presenter, he had an easy and communicative manner, had a lot of information to relate and was very generous with his “tricks of the trade.” There was a logical order of subjects covered and they were very well imparted.

Would thoroughly recommend this Weekend to many of our friends, and would like to attend other Photography Sessions in the future.
— Georgina & Paul Springer
Overall, a great course. Ben is obviously a passionate professional in the field and had a comprehensive and thorough syllabus prepared. The 2 days were well planned logically leading from one learned element to the next with great practical elements in between.

There was no end to the helpfulness of Ben and he was willing to discuss, expand and mentor any question or topic from the class members. A very enjoyable and rewarding course and I’d recommend the resort and Ben to colleagues.
— Colin Pederson
I attended the Floriade workshop on Sunday 20th November. Can I say that the workshop was fantastic and that I learned more in that 1 hour session than I have learnt attending full day workshops. You really presented at a level that was great for me.
— Lyn Gangemi
Recently I was lucky enough to be a part of the Lake Crackenback Photography Weekend, hosted by Ben Kopilow of Fusion Photography from Canberra. Having seen some of Ben’s award-winning work, I was keen to learn as much as possible from this unique experience. I can say that not only did I learn a great deal, I also enjoyed the marvellous hospitality of Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa and made some wonderful friends over the weekend.

Ben’s approach to the content we covered over the weekend was thorough, clear and generous in nature. He showed us the importance of seeing the picture before we take it, enjoying the surrounds before we put our cameras to use. There is certainly no shortage of breathtaking photo ops at Lake Crackenback, but it helped immensely to take our focus off the technical details of photography for a brief moment, and let the landscape capture us before we captured it.

A great deal of my own photography has been taken on my iPhone in recent years, and so I had forgotten a lot of the photography theory required to take manual photographs. In a matter of minutes, Ben had explained very simply the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and had me snapping shots in no time. A complete beginner could have achieved to same result, as Ben’s explanations of the theory behind photography was simple and logical.
— Fiona Latham-Cannon
We wanted to improve the quality of the photos on our skincare website. Geoff Comfort gave us one-one-one mentoring for an hour to improve our photography skills with our camera. Geoff was able to quickly assess our current ability, camera and needs. He was very personable and mentored us to be able to take product photos as well as a more professional home page photo. The result being we now have the ability to confidently take better photos that professionally presents our product offering. We are very happy with the skills we learned from Geoff’s customised mentoring in just one hour.
— Teang & Paul - Fresk Skincare